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by TravelBugs

Creating memorable adventures for the greater good

Our Mission

L!nk is changing the way people connect, explore and support local businesses. We will accomplish this by building an open sourced, in-person, mobile questing game that drives users to explore the world around them while being rewarded for doing so through local businesses in those areas. This is to encourage people to explore new places, create new experiences and drive traffic to the small businesses of the world.


Our Games

L!nk utilizes new and upcoming technologies to create a world where players can complete different in-person quests to earn prizes that will benefit and support local businesses in their area.

Adventure (Exploration)



Choose between hundreds of different excursions wherever you are in the world. Go on a hike, find the best place to catch the sunset, or discover hidden gems in your area.

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Story Mode (Campaign)

Story Mode


Step outside of your small-town nest to embark on a mission to the AntHill. Complete quests along the way to collect XP and materials that will bring you power and success. Who knows, maybe you will build your own AntHill city?

Story Mode (1).png
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Reward (Scavenger Royale)
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Scavenger Royale

Community Events

Scavenger Royale gives players the opportunity to compete for real life exclusive prizes. These competitions will include city wide scavenger hunts, local treasure hunts or maybe even a pub-crawl!

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How it works

TravelBugs is developing an open-sourced mobile application that provides its users the opportunity to customize and create adventures for players and allows businesses to customize their product offerings to players who complete quests in their area. A new and exciting way for players to know what's going on around them, and for small businesses to advertise to our players.

Choose Quest

Based around where you want to go, what you want to do, or what item you would like to earn

Complete Quest

Quests will have different tiers based on difficulty and size of the prize

Receive Reward

Choose between multiple different types of rewards offered by small businesses in the area

For a more detailed explanation, download our Whitepaper!

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