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Genesis Investor

Location: Earth
Partnership Type: Founding Member

What You’ll Do

Click "Apply Now" and fill out the information below to join our Genesis NFT Investor program. If approved, you will be allowed to purchase 1 or more TravelBugs Genesis NFTs. This will provide multiple in-game and real world utilities. These include:

  1. Voting rights on different aspects of the game, such as design, quest building, story and character creation, and much more. 1 NFT = 1 vote.

  2. 5.55%* of all game membership fees will be added to the TravelBugs Treasury. You will be able to decide how the funds are allocated.

  3. Receive TOKEN drops including: Free airdrop of our BUG$* token, free shop creation in the game, future NFT collections, utility tokens, plot of land in the AntHill metaverse is airdropped.

  4. Receive life long free membership and access to all TravelBugs events and partnered events.

  5. Create your own Marketplace where players can buy and sell items in the game and be able to earn a royalty from each transaction.

Genesis NFT prices will be announced soon. Just know they will be extremely affordable. 

Who You Are

We are looking for people who are interested in being a part of the next movement of society that will help drive the economy forward while having the general publics best interest in mind. 

Ideal qualities would be adventure seeking gamers and “web2.5” enthusiasts who enjoy living in AND BUILDING futuristic augmented reality worlds that provide new ways of connection and understand the nature of web3 with NFTs and cryptocurrency.


​Our holders will be informed every step of the way regarding development, building the game and much more. We will need holders to take part in voting on the direction. This means we are looking for investors who seek transparency from founders and are willing to help us build this new way of connecting people with the world.


Essentially, we are looking for players and developers who have the purchasing power to invest minimally in the game, the desire to help create the game and the drive to earn from the game’s success. Tell us about yourself and why you would fit well into this project.

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