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Quest Creator

Location: Earth
Partnership Type: Affiliate

What You’ll Do

As a Quest Creator, you will design and input different adventures step by step. Literally. When creating a quest and inputting the step by step details, keep in mind where a player goes and which direction they will go in. We want Creators to show players what to do and where to go when they are in their locations.


You will create your own profile and players who complete your quests will have the ability to upvote your quest to other players and allow you to reap certain benefits depending on the success of your quests. 

Inputting small businesses in your area that would benefit from the additional traffic will give you more credit with the company and the players. Players will be able to check out your profile which can help you grow your social medias and other projects you may be working on.

Who You Are

We are looking for adventurous, earth loving human beings that want to show people the world from their perspectives. We want someone who is willing to promote their local areas or places they have travelled, by inputting those locations and the routes into the game. If you have a favorite local business that you want to promote, then add it to your quests!


Promote your local hangout spots, favorite restaurants, or even the best venue for live music that travel websites don't promote because those places might not have the money to market themselves.

Requirements to be one of our Quest Creator's is:​

  • A dependable adventurer who we can rely on to input data on the coolest locations in your area

  • Trustworthy person who will keep the best interest of our players in mind when submitting locations

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