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Roadmap & Opportunities

Unleash Your Inner Nigel Thornberry

Our platform is crafted to uniquely connect our users with what the world and the people within it have to offer. 


Download whitepaper for a detailed description of our Roadmap and Timeline



Quest Creator

Location: Earth

We are developing a simple way for anyone to create quests within the game, with potential earning opportunities. We are looking for people to help us connect players with the hidden gems of the world, including small businesses and their owners. Click the link to apply.

Game Tester

Location: Southern California

Sign up to claim your place in line to be one of the Beta testers for the game. And FYI, initial testers will receive a world of benefits at launch. Those who meet our requirements will be eligible. Click the link to apply and find out more.

Genesis Investor

Location: Earth

Holders will vote on the direction of the game and make decisions on the TravelBugs treasury that profits of the game will go into. Apply now to be eligible for the Whitelist before we begin our First Round of Funding, and to stay up to date with pricing details.

Small Business + Solopreneur

Location: Southern California ... for now

Opportunity to receive free exposure to your business, for a limited time, by offering our players a discount or customized offering for exploring your local city. Many businesses felt the impact of Covid-19 and the nature of the world we currently live in. We are here to help. Apply now to be a part of our pilot program.

None of these tickle your fancy? Tell us how you would like to be involved!

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