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For the Love of the World

TravelBugs was established in 2022 to create an interactive mobile experience for users, while benefiting small businesses of the world.

Covid-19 forced our founder to dissolve his Charity Based Music Events & Management company. He was not alone with 32% of small businesses in the US forcing to close up show as well. This, and the nature of the world we currently live in, gave him the idea to create an ecosystem that would encourage people to go on adventures and experience what this world has to offer while driving them to support local business in their areas. 


A core mission of TravelBugs is to move away from supporting powerful corporations and social platforms that are controlling society. Social apps are now specifically being built to be as addictive as possible, which causes people to mindlessly scroll for hours on end. We will accomplish our mission by integrating, within our IP, a way to support local businesses and provide our players with an environment that creates authentic connections in the real world.​

The universe and concept of TravelBugs is rooted in various inspirations, but above all captures the great issues of tomorrow: the decline in real world adventure seeking, the overwhelming amount of consumers within the younger generations who spend their entire day on their phones, and the continuous growth of power that major corporations have over local small businesses. The potential opportunity web3 now presents for addressing these issues allows us to build a game that can support them. What we like to call Gaming with a Purpose.

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Companies dissolved in the US due to Covid-19

We’re based all around the world

Our current team members are based all around the world. Cities include Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Sao Paolo, Bogota and London. Our launch strategy would start in the tech capitals of the world and branch outward. If you are interested in learning more about the details or our company, download our whitepaper!

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It takes the world's best talent to change the world.

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