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Game Tester

Location: Southern California ... for now
Partnership Type: Quality Assurance

What You’ll Do

Fill out the information below to be eligible to be a part of our Game Tester program. You will participate in testing both the beta version of the game and the current quests by going out and following each step of the quests to test functionality, experience, flow and overall vibe. 


Provide feedback that will be used to fine tune the game and make the quests more epic! Provide game and quest ideas to be considered and voted on within the TravelBugs community.

Even if you are not in the Southern California area, you may still be eligible to test the game. However, the progress of the game will be based on how many quest creators we have. If you see yourself as the type of person who can show others your perspective of the world and locations near you, apply to our Quest Creator program instead.

Who You Are

Must be an active person that has the ability and drive to help us fine tune the game. It is a big plus if you are interested in game development and willing to be an active member of our community. 

Requirements to be one of our game testers is:

  • Must be a Genesis NFT holder

  • Live in a populated area or have a means of transport

  • A dependable adventurer who we can rely on to input data on the different bugs that need to be sorted out

  • Trustworthy person who will keep the best interest of our players in mind when submitting locations

We do not want to exclude people who are serious about our game, but do not meet our requirements. If you prove yourself as an active member of our community, we will hand select you to join the game tester program. Follow us on Discord and introduce yourself to our community!

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